Are Online Coupon Sharing Websites/ Applications Worth Utilizing

Coupons have been there ever since the newspaper printing press came into being. People used to skim through their daily mail to get a dollar or two off groceries, beauty products, clothing, electronics- you name it. Coupon hoarding was a worldwide obsession, given the easy acceptance of these nifty discounts at any local retailer. This obsession has morphed into something relatable yet innovative with the rise of the internet in the past few decades- online coupon sharing applications. They work by the same principles somehow, but the stigma around the internet due to all the scamming has been the cause of doubt for many.

A Rising Internet Sensation

According to RetailMeNot, 96% of Americans are actively using free coupons while making online purchases. It’s a pretty convenient way to save a few bucks, and all you need to do is find a credible coupon sharing website or application that’ll search the internet for you. These websites are programmed to scour the internet in search of active, free coupons and promo codes that may save you up to 50 percent of the actual price on average. Some seasonal coupons on clearance sales may even get you a 75% discount haul- you just need to be on the lookout!

Steer Clear Of Scammers

Some people may have had bad experiences with free coupon sharing applications or websites. The internet has the same ratio of people trying to save money to people trying to make money- and people will try to make money off you with whatever unfair means. Coupon sharing websites might scam you into buying the same product at a higher price. For example, you’ve come across a product that you like on a website. Fake coupon sharing websites may be linked to the website you’re accessing and convince you to buy the product, listing it as 30-40 percent off or so from the actual price. The product, however, has been increased twice it’s original value- it’s all a psychological game. You end up spending a fraction more than the value of the product you’re buying thinking that you have a free coupon that saved you money. You could’ve bought the same product on another website for less!

Be A Skeptical Shopper

Don’t be fooled by these fake discount coupon sharing websites and ruin your online shopping experience. The best way to avoid such interactions is to be judgmental of every website you stumble across. Remember, you’re spending your precious, hard-earned cash. You should try your level best to spend less of it by shopping from trusty, credible online retailers. Also, only use coupon sharing websites that aren’t built-in to the shop you’re accessing. The best coupon sharing applications come as Chrome extensions that are free of cost entirely or require an initial fee on a subscription only. In a nutshell, authentic discounts can only be provided by free coupon sharing websites that work independently.

Credible Coupon Sharing Websites

The internet speaks for itself- people leave their remarks and ratings on every service, including free coupon/discount distributors. Some of the most authentic, popular and user-friendly coupon sharing applications are listed below for you to check out!

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Groupon
  3. Honey

The Verdict

Coupon sharing websites and applications allow the community to make smart purchases online. Who wouldn’t want to utilize free coupons and avail discounts on their favorite brands? The only concern is that you have to stay cautious on discount offering websites- do your research before you place your order at all costs. What experiences have you had with coupon sharing websites in the past? Are you an active user of the websites mentioned above, or do you consider them all to be a hoax? Let us know in the comments!