As you grow older, you realize how much you love to sleep, and simultaneously, how much you hate waking up in the morning for work. Getting out of your bed is probably the hardest thing you are going to do all day. You get the urge to bury your head deep in your pillow and ignore the alarm.

This time you take to get out of bed is called the lag time, and the worse your Sleep, the more lag time you will need. So if you ever wonder how to make sure you wake up refreshed, we got the answer. By making just a few simple tweaks to your morning routine, you will wake up as fresh as anything. Here are six steps you can take to improve the quality of your Sleep:

1.Get enough Sleep
It is incredible how many people neglect this even though it is so apparent—a healthy human needs around 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Keep your bedroom dark, quiet, and peaceful, and avoid alcohol and caffeine several hours before bedtime.

2. Follow Your Sleep Cycle
Your body is designed to wake up when there is light and go to sleep when it gets dark. So when you wake up, go out and stay in the sunshine for a bit. If you work at night, make sure it is well lit, and your house is dark in the day.

3. Try Exercising
A workout can make you feel much more energized if you are a morning person. It improves circulation and mind-boosting hormones. Exercise as little as 10 minutes can make you feel refreshed and alert.

4. Eat A Good Breakfast
If your breakfast consists of just a bowl of cereal, that might be one of the biggest reasons you are sluggish in the morning. After fasting all night, your body needs the proper fuel to operate flawlessly. So get a well-balanced breakfast to help you through the day.

5. Make your Morning Enjoyable
You are much more likely to be excited about something that makes you happy. So when you wake up, play with your dog or take a refreshing shower if that is your deal. Do things to make yourself comfortable.

6. Forget about Snooze
Hitting the snooze repeatedly can make it much harder for you to wake up. If you hit snooze once for ten minutes, you are adding the need for an hour of uninterrupted sleep for the week!

If you are determined to make your days as productive as possible, make it a habit to sleep on time and have a whole night’s sleep. While most people need to sleep more than others, sleeping from seven to nine hours per night is enough for most people. Do you have any tips for Better Sleep? Tell us in the comments below.