5 Unbeatable Beauty Product Sales In The Makeup Industry

There’s a lot of money in the make-up business, given how every social media influencer has started their own make-up line or collaborations with huge retailers like Morphe, Huda, and so on. Millions of people out there have a passion for make-up, men and women alike. The obsession behind it causes people to hoard huge amounts of make-up products, like lipsticks, foundations, glosses, eyeliners- there’s no end to it. The industry is on the rise, and half of the growth is online. This can be credited to beauty gurus on Youtube and other collaborative platforms that keep people interested in buying from brands that launch a diverse variety of new make-up products every few weeks.

No Drama Intended

Another reason why make-up products are in such huge demand is the bond between the brand owners and their community. Several social media influencers like Jeffree Star, Huda, James Charles, Nikita Dragun, and others have their own chain of cosmetics or prominent collaborations with some of the biggest brands. These influencers spice things up, often indulging in influencer-versus-influencer feuds just when their launch is around the corner for added publicity. Many a make-up product has gone viral by either this strategy or through an unbelievably cheap price for a genuine, high-quality product. Here are the record-breaking beauty product sales of all time.

1.   The Conspiracy Palette- Shane x Jeffree

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are two of the most popular Youtube sensations with huge fan followings that simply adore them. The conspiracy palette was a collaboration done by the two and the journey of making the palette, including the costs, manufacture, naming, everything, was documented in a Youtube series by Shane Dawson himself. This move proved to be quite a fruitful one since their followers were hooked- they simply couldn’t resist but break the internet trying to order the palette and liquid lipsticks as soon as they were listed on Shopify. According to Jeffree himself, over 1.1 million palettes were sold in November. In the restock that took place early this year, it took a mere 30 minutes for 60,000 Conspiracy Palettes from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ website to sell out completely.

2.   Touche Éclat All-Over Brightening Pen- YSL Beauty

YSL Beauty is the best and biggest make-up brand that you can come across which has never failed to impress the beauty community. This brightening pen is the best friend for all complexions and retails for merely $35 at their online website. For authentic, tested, fault-free make-up products that will make you look stunning and will last you long, this price is definitely a steal. It has an exceptional 4.7-star rating and sweet reviews, which are undoubtedly the cherry on top.

3.   Almost Lipstick in Black Honey- Clinique

Clinique is another huge brand that takes care to maintain it’s standards with every new make-up product launch. The brand provides cheap, affordable beauty products for everyone to enjoy, given this vibrant, signature lipstick retails at only $18.50. Furthermore, your makeup-no-makeup look has been kept in consideration while manufacturing this product. Almost lipstick has a transparent pigment that works with your natural lip tone, customizing it to bring out the best in you.

What do you think about these beauty products? Are they simply overrated, or do they deserve their moment of fame? Leave a comment down below expressing your own thoughts on the matter!