The beginning of the new school year is not that far anymore! Freshly sharpened pencils, new books, and notebooks are the most memorable school year features. But one of the most critical yet underrated parts of it is the outfits you get to choose for each day.

What you wear to school every day can define who you are for the whole school year. The right outfit will boost your confidence and let you feel attractive and vibrant on the inside and outside. People treat you better when you look better, and that is a fact! So here are some cool and unique outfit ideas for your school:

1.Graphic Tees
If you want comfort and do not want it to take a toll on your on-trend fashion sense, graphic tees are your best friends. Tees are staples of the back-to-school vibe of the fall. You can dress up with accessories and dress down with denim and some trendy kicks! This Sundry all good t-shirt is the kind of vibe you need!

2. Long Dresses
You may not have considered this before, but having a long flowy dress paired with white sneakers, you will have that dress for success look that would look really stunning! This Floral Ruffle Maxi Dress should do the trick!

3. Athleisure Look
You would have days where comfort might be your top priority. What would be more comfortable than a cute and matching sweat set? If a matching set is not your cup of tea, then you can have a crewneck top like this Striped Crewneck Sweatshirt and pair them with your choice of jeans or trousers.

4. Skirts
Skirts serve as the perfect middle ground between comfort and class! Even though you would give off a look that is a lot like a dress, but you will have complete control over the top. You can pair this Black Girl's Maxi Skirt with a graphic tee and rock the look!

5. Blouses
A lovely blouse will let you give off the independent and learned vibe that you deserve! Blouses and knit tops are a step up from a trendy tee, and a Aqua Eyelet Puff Sleeve Blouse paired with the right pair of pants or skirt will have you turning heads all day long!

What is your favorite back-to-school trend? Is it the outfits that you get to choose or the opportunity to recover from last year's shortfalls, having a clean slate? Tell us in the comments below!