With the rise of social media, almost everyone has their own blog. If you consider jumping in with numerous other bloggers in this trend, you will find many attractions to it. But, truth be told, your success as a blogger would depend significantly on the nature of your blog. There are countless reasons why you should start your own blog, and here are five of them:

You will get  a platform to inspire
For those who know it, being able to inspire someone using your words or actions is an unparalleled feeling. The more you inspire, the more drive you get to do it again. You gain a lot of positive influence over people, and help people make change.

You will improve your writing ability.
This is very self-explanatory. Your ability to write will be improved manifold by blogging. If you’re new to it, you may feel nervous or out of your place initially, but you will soon find your style, and it will become more manageable. As people respond to your work, you will see an increase in your creativity and get a bigger audience gradually.

You will learn new skills
Blogging will add to your skills in many ways. You will learn ways to increase an audience and improve the quality of your content. Also, you will learn a lot from the content you write about.

It can help you confront your fears
Blogging can be a means to break out of your shell. Sometimes it is hard for people to interact and discuss their problems with people, especially for introverts. Blogging can give you a platform to say stuff you usually cannot due to the immense emotional impact. You may also find support in dealing with it.

Generate an income!
Most of the people who start a blog know about this factor. It can be means of income, mainly if you write about a profitable niche. You can earn through affiliate marketing or by running ads by Google Ads. The bigger your audience, the more you make.

How do you feel about starting a blog after knowing these benefits? It obviously is not all pros; there are some hurdles that you may face on the way. If you’ve ever tried blogging, let us know about any upsides or downsides you may have encountered.