10 Statistics That Prove Online Shopping Is the Future

Online shopping has not only changed the way people shop but also made major changes in terms of the economy. It has put e-commerce on new altitudes. Here are the statistics to prove how online shopping is steadily overcoming conventional shopping and bringing us closer to the future.

1. The steady growth of Online Shopping since 2000

Mary Meeker’s 2019 internet report compares retail sales from 2000 to 2019. Stats show a steady climb from 1% of online retail in 2016 to 16% in 2019. The growth curve in this graph is accelerating except in 2007 and 2008.

2.      Increase of Online Retail Growth in the UK In 2015

Office of National Statistics’ report in August 2018 clearly shows that retail sales had started to speed up in the UK in 2015. The graph starts to climb up fast after 2015.

3.      Smartphone accounts for half of all US retail sites for the first time in 2018 holiday season

Online shopping has become easier, accessible, convenient, and quick with smartphones in everyone's hands. The retail sales naturally go higher in the holiday winter season. Adobe's Digital Holiday Insight revealed that for the first time, half of the US retail sales were online through smartphones.

4.      Online grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is one of the niches in which online shopping had been slow. People always preferred buying fresh and best items in person. However, Internet Retailer states that online grocery sector is growing in the US almost as fast as the retail of wholesale foods in the stores. In 2017, online grocery retail grew by 26.5% whereas the sales wholesale foods at stores grew only by 3%.

5.      Online Grocery Sale in the UK

The growth of online grocery retail in the UK is very slow as compared to that in the US. Nevertheless, the figures are good enough to be considered. Research by Mintel found that retail grew by almost 1% between 2016 and 2017 i.e., from 6.1% to 7%. Mintel predicts that this number has the potential to grow over 10% by 2023.

6.      Amazon Sales

There is a growing debate on the size of Amazon's share in e-commerce sales in the US. It is estimated that Amazon has a 38% share of all the retails in the US alone. This number can rise to 50% or slightly more by 2021

7. Amazon as the first go-to online shopping site

Online Market Places’ report for 2018 reveals that Amazon is the preferred retailer site for 54% of first time online shoppers.

8. Pinterest as the Shopping inspiration

In 2018, Pinterest published a study that revealed that 60% of the Pinterest users shop using its site. They get ideas about what to buy from Pinterest and even interact with retail sites through Pinterest.

9. Instagram as Shopping inspiration

A study published by Facebook revealed that 46% of Instagram users make their purchases from Instagram.

10. Voice shopping

According to the Voice Shopping Consumer Adoption Report 2018,  21.2% of people in the US have tried voice shopping option from their smartphones.


As astonishing as they sound, these statistics are only the tip of the iceberg. With the access of internet becoming easier around the world and more and more people making smart devices a part of their lifestyles, online shopping seems to be the major form of selling and purchasing in the coming times.